The Salkantay trek offers enchanting sceneries and is the best alternative to the world famous Inca trail. The Inca trail is very popular and you have to book in advance, however, if you are traveling on a budget and you are not a fun of booking things over the internet then you will love the […]

Peru is the land of the Incas and their cultures and traditions go back hundreds of years. Then the Spaniards invaded and colonized the land and converted tribes to Christianity. Even then, all rites and religious festivals like Corpus Christi and Christmas celebrations have a distinctly regional flavor. When it comes to Christmas celebrations, it […]

Machu Picchu does not cease to amaze visitors. It left Hiram Bingham tongue tied when he viewed the scene in 1911 and since then millions have followed the trail to this fabulous outpost of the Incas in the Andes. This 15th century city built of stone is only 50 km from Cusco and you could […]

Salcantay trek is an adventure trip recommended for people who like to feel the nature, walking, the spirit, tranquility, the energy of the Panama and mountains plus you can enjoy the variety of fauna and flora there in place as orchids and mountain Salcantay, the most respected and revered by the Incas.