What is famous about the Inca Trail? It is undoubtedly the most famous trek in whole of the South American continent. Throughout this trail, you will find an abundance of ruins and sceneries. It is a trek that comprises of a journey around forty-three kilometres with a starting point from a place called Kilometre 88. To initiate the trip, you would need to cross down the narrow bridge of Kusicancha and then take a trail to your left through the rows of Eucalyptus trees. The apt places for camping around this place are Wayllabamba or Llullucha.

adventure treks to machu picchu

What follows next – An arduous road to adventure?

The second day that comes in the package of adventure treks to Machu Picchu is the climb to the Warmiwanusqa Pass, known commonly as the Dead Woman’s Pass in English. It is situated at a height of about four thousand and two hundred metres. Subsequently, when you will be on the third day of your trek, it will be the longest. The trek comprises of the visiting to the ruins of Runkuracay and Sayaqmarca. Apart from that, if you want to camp at a nearby place, there are two places rather than one, which you can utilise in your choices – Winayhuayna and Phuyupatamarca. On the final day of the tour, which is on the fourth day, you can finally see the sunrise from the famous Sun Gate at Machu Picchu. As a conclusion to your trek, you can spend the whole day visiting the parts and spots of these scenic ruins, also known as the Lost City to the world.

adventure treks to machu picchu

Inca Trail – What kinds of trails it comprises of?

The Inca Trail which heads to Machu Picchu comprises of three trails, intertwined with each other. The longest trail amongst these three is Mollepata. It intersects with this historical route before it crisscross with the famous Dead Woman’s Pass. The trail is nestled in between the Andes Mountains and pass through different environments. This trail sums up at the Incan ruins of the Sun Gate. It is located at an altitude of twelve thousand feet above sea level. Even the Peruvian Government is concerned about erosion in the terrains with an overload of visitors and hikers to these places. As a result, the government is trying to restrict the travel agencies and guides to a minimum to reduce the overhead. Nowadays, it is a rule that only five hundred people including the potters and the guides can trek through the trail in a single day. You need advance booking for your adventure treks to Machu Picchu while the trail is closed and out of reach for the visitors in the month of February every year for the cleaning purposes.

adventure treks to machu picchu

How to make your adventure trek memorable and worth remembering?

It is true that the Inca Trail is one of the most immense and famous adventure treks around the world that leads to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu. But to make it more memorable and knowing, you should look for an adventure treks to Machu Picchu through Green Peru Adventures to get the exceptional services and overall tours that they support for their clientele. They will provide you with the best trekking experience which will make you need to go to Machu Pichhu again and again.