Green Peru Adventures is a socially conscious organization and has been working together for years with the local organization Proyecto Peru Centre. They offer a program for volunteers who want to work for a social project in Cusco.

Peru is a beautiful country with an interesting culture. Unfortunately there is a lot of poverty and education and health care are of a very low level. Volunteers are therefore very welcome to help in a social project in Cusco. Proyecto Peru Centre is a local organization that mediates in volunteer projects that support the local population and offer a chance for a better future. Would you like to contribute to one of these wonderful projects and contribute to a better and fairer world? Choose to volunteer in Cusco!

As a volunteer you must be available for at least 4 weeks, so you can make a real contribution to the social project. The language at the projects is Spanish. The required level of Spanish language depends on the project you choose. Proyecto Peru Centre is happy to inform you about this.

By volunteering you will learn a lot about the Peruvian culture. You will get to know local people, you will greatly improve your Spanish language skills, you have the chance to develop yourself further and contribute to wonderful projects for the local population. This way you get the chance to make a real difference in other people’s lives.

Depending on your knowledge and your background, you can volunteer for example in public education in Cusco, in after-school care, in social work, an orphanage, a community center, children with disabilities, an elderly home, a public medical clinic, in physiotherapy or in the organization of a project in management, communication, IT or fundraising. Proyecto Peru Centre offers a variety of volunteer work in social projects, non-profit organizations, public education and health care.

Take a look at to see how you can contribute!