The amazing town Puerto Maldonado is your entrance to the Peruvian Jungle. Being only 10 hours away from Cusco by bus (or one hour by plane), it is very close and worth a visit while you are in the old Inca Town to visit Machu Picchu. Puerto Maldonado has a very different climate then the rest of Peru. As it is Jungle, there are higher temperatures and higher humidity as well. Being directly at the Madre de Dios-River, is has beautiful scenery to offer! Reaching one of the great Lodges, around 1 hours by boat from Puerto Maldonado, you can enjoy the Jungle at its fullest! All the different species of flora and fauna will definitely take your breath away and your stay will be a lifetime experience. Choose either EcoAmazonia or Corto Maltes Lodge and start your adventure on 3 to 8 days. In each of those programs, you will visit Monkey Island and one of the beautiful natural lakes like Lake Sandoval or Lake Apu Victor for sure! Enjoying the special food of the Jungle, as many exotic fruits or Juanes.