The two beautiful cities Paracas and Nazca on the west coast of Peru seem to be a meaningless destination while visiting the whole country. But did you know: they are definitely worth a visit, even when only having a limited time frame!

Starting in Paracas, you have the option to visit beautiful Ballestas Islands (“Small Galapagos Islands”), which are part of the National Paracas Reserve. Seeing many animals as sea lions, penguins and various kinds of birds, you will pass a great morning in nature on the wide ocean. Also you will be able to see the caves and arches around, who got their original shapes by the ocean itself.

Continuing your trip to Ica or directly to Nazca, you should think about the ancient mysterious Nazca Lines who are drawn in the desert for millions of years. With their unknown origin, you will find hundreds of these close to Nazca, with geometric or zoomorphic shapes measuring over more than 200 meters. The most known are the monkey, spider and the hummingbird. There exist many (funny) suspicions for example about the existence of supernatural species who drew these signs in the grounds so they are able to see them from space – all unsolved until today. That’s what makes the Nazca Lines Overflight even more spectacular!