Cusco. What was once the capital of the Incas, is a beautiful town full of charme! Surrounded by the Apus, the holy mountains, it is like a small cozy town. The small streets, decorated by old perfectly shaped Inca stones.. the city center full of old, detailed buildings.. the main square with the majestic Cathedral of Cusco.. and finally the archaeological sites and ruins in the surrounding mountains. All this gives Cusco a special something, that will impress you in every possible way and make you wonder about the past of this place. Still in those days, you will see the typical animal the Llama walking around in the streets, accompanied by farmers and indigenous people. They still beware their traditional cooking, clothing and language Quechua. Come and experience our beautiful city Cusco with us – we offer you a great diversity of Tours so that you can get your own impression about culture and nature! If adventure hiking, paragliding or biking through the mountains, or getting lost in the histories about the past times at your Tour at the archaeological sites.. There is plenty for everyone!