Peru is such a tourist destination that cannot be completed within 10 days but there is nothing we can do. The busy life schedule will not allow us to imbibe the rich historical and traditional culture of the world’s most recognized destinations in the country. If you have only 10 days to spare then below is the list of destinations that will make your holidays full of adventure and memorable.

peru adventure tours

Places to visit in Peru in 10 days

From soaring mountain ranges to deserts, Peru provides the ultimate diverse holiday package for the tourists. Every year many tourists visit from all over the world to get lost in the bliss of this country. The most sought destinations are enlisted below.

  • Machu Picchu

The Peru adventure tours organize by Green Peru Adventures starts or ends with the majestic Machu Picchu. The 600 years old culture and heritage of the Inca civilization can be witnessed in this destination.

Traveling to this point via the historic trails make the trekking it even more interesting. The trails will take to the wonder of the world via the mountain passes and lush green hillsides. The terrain is quite challenging in this location.

peru adventure tours

  • Cusco

Cusco is considered as the heart of the country. It was the center of the ancient Inca civilization. The ruins and museums offer splendid views throughout the city. Most of the tours to Machu Picchu start from this location.

  • Lima

Lima is the capital of Peru that offers mesmerizing views of sprawling coast and city life. Miraflores is the place which will offer coastlines that no other destination in the world can match the splendor. These gorgeous seafronts will be the ideal destinations for any type of traveler.

  • Colca Canyon

This is a paradise for the hikers. The canyon will be a rewarding location for the adventure seekers. The canyon is very deep and is the natural habitat for the condors. The condors are considered as the biggest flying species with a wing span of 3 meters. The bird watchers often visit here to study the birds and also enjoy the challenging hiking part of the tours.


  • Titicaca Lake

It will be incomplete if you do not visit Lake Titicaca. It is the highest navigable lake that shares two countries, Peru and Bolivia. The home stays in the Peruvian part of the lake will be very interesting. The local cuisines and heart-warming hospitality from the local people will not let you leave this place.

  • Nazca Drawings

Many hypotheses depict that these humongous drawings are made by aliens. These huge artworks spread over an area of 1000 square kilometers of area. A ride above the lines in a helicopter will provide the bird-eye view of the masterpieces.

peru adventure tours

  • Arequipa

This city is also known as the White City. The colonial settlement is considered is the most beautiful with its abstract colonial charm. The monasteries and the historical buildings are made of white volcanic stone from the three volcanoes that surround the city from three directions.

There are many other attractive destinations to visit in Peru. Make a feasible itinerary to cover most of the destinations and make the tour a memorable one.