Who We Are

Roland Leonardo, the founder of Green Peru Adventures, has travelled extensively around the world. It was through his travels that he developed a love for adventure. He worked throughout South America as a tour leader, and quickly realized that the best way to experience a country is through adventure itself. Roland wanted to bring this ethos back to his native country Peru, so he founded Green Peru Adventures in 2011. From the headquarters in Cusco, he now shares his love of adventure with people from all corners of the globe and is committed to make your holidays positively unforgettable.

Roland is fluent in Spanish, Dutch, English and Portuguese. Together with his English-speaking staff, he offers an impressive range of tours and all-inclusive packages in Peru and Bolivia, catering to all tastes and preferences. Green Peru Adventures also books airline, train and bus tickets.

Concerning the team, Green means integrity: it’s a way of inspiring others to discover the world from a different angle whilst caring for the planet in a respectful and sustainable manner. Green means making a difference while travelling around Peru and having a unique experience. “When you realise the value of all life, you dwell less on what is past and concentrate more on the preservation of the future.” – Dian Fossey

  • – Green Peru Adventures E.I.R.L. is an official Peruvian company
  • – Registration Number / RUC: 20564395529
  • – General Manager: Roland Leonardo Gamboa
  • – Address: Calle Pumacurco 459, Cusco
  • – Green Peru Adventures is obligated to follow the Peruvian law and bases his general conditions on said law


Travel Experts

Testimonial for Roland Leonardo

When I returned to Colombia, I left my motorcycle in Cusco with a person I hardly knew, but the one thing I was sure of was that he was a fellow biker, and that was good enough for my trust.
His name is Roland Leonardo, and for 45 days, he looked after my bike and gear for me while I was in Colombia.
When I returned, my bike was stored in a secure facility, covered in a tarp, and Leo had taken all my gear to his home. Everything was just as I left it.

After returning to Cusco, Peru, Leo (as he likes to be called) took me to my bike, got it running again (the battery was dead) and helped out with some other maintenance (the lower shock bolt) and got me a new rear seat.
The next day, he met Vanessa and I and spent the day with us helping to get her set up with gear for the trip.
I owe Leo a lot, and he refused to allow me to pay him anything for his time, other than to buy him supper one night when we went out.

Thanks Leo. You are an honest and trustworthy friend and I am fortunate to have met you.
We will meet again.

Tim Dzaman

Alex Kienle

Alex Kienle functions as the US consultant and import expert for Green Peru Adventures. Originally from New York, she has a passion for world travel and wants to help others realize their dreams of adventure. She loves to learn new languages and speaks several, including Spanish, Italian and German, with varying degrees of fluency. While visiting Peru, she fell in love with its beauty and its people and visits as often as possible. She has traveled through the mountains, villages and jungles of Peru and loves them all! With over 20 years in sales and customer service, her mission is to help you realize your travel goals with comfort, confidence and satisfaction.

Milagros Sumalave Gonzales

Milagros Sumalave Gonzales graduated with a bachelor in Tourism from the Universidad Andina de Cusco, and is currently working on her thesis towards her licenciatura. She manages the logistical and organizational aspects of Green Peru Adventures. Since she began working for the agency in March 2015 as an intern, she learned a great deal about the planning of all our tours to the numerous destinations offered by Green Peru Adventures.

Milagros, a native of Cusco, is proud of her heritage and her beautiful, beloved country. She loves being part of a company that showcases the marvels of Peru and is dedicated to an exceptional customer service. From behind-the-scenes, she takes care of the small details that will ensure that your experience is as enjoyable and as memorable as possible. With Milagros in our team, you can book with confidence… This is where your Peru adventure begins!

Jose Luis Infantes Santander

My name is Jose Luis Infantes Santander, Paragliding Tandem Flight Pilot. I was born in city of Cusco on 29th  of december 1979. I did my primary education and few schools, finishing my high school and the glorious Colegio Nacional de Ciencias of Cusco in 1994.  Afterwards I did work in several jobs, as waiter in restaurants and as a cook. In 1996, I start the course of paragliding at APVL (Asociacion Peruana de Vuelo Libre) being certificated in 1999. I did stay in the same association as flight monitor and later on as an instructor.

Paragliding become my passion from the beginning. Now is more than 20 years cruising the Peruvian sky, over the Andes and I am not planning to stop.

I started working for Green Peru Adventures as a Paragliding Tandem Pilot since its beginning in 2011. We always have a wonderful time and made new friend in this long years working and flying together. I am very proud to be part of a team of a company that supports me and that I trust, where I found both family and friends.

I personally invite you to fly and enjoy your adventure with Green Peru Adventures.

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