Corto Maltes Lodge 5 Days 4 Night

  • Destination: Peru, Puerto Maldonado Tambopata
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Price per person: $490

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Corto Maltes Amazonia Lodge Puerto Maldonado is located on the banks of the Madre de Dios, hardly 30 minutes from Puerto Maldonado, Peru’s capital of the biodiversity. Corto Maltes Amazonia Lodge offers you to experience a trip based on eco tourism in the famous Amazonian rainforest.

This lodge will be the starting point of various expeditions through the jungle. You will go to discover Lake Sandoval with its stunning and luxuriant flora, the Monkey Island, the parrots’ clay pecking, the Fitzcarrald boat, as well as a huge diversity of medicinal and curative plants such as Ayahuasca.

Corto Maltes Amazonia Lodge is built on the bank of the Madre de Dios and stretches for a surface area of 60 hectares. A quebrada (a river coming from the depths of the jungle) runs alongside the boundary which is protected by the Tambopata Candamo National Reserve.

It is on this mysterious river that we will invite you to discover the thousand and one wonders of fauna and flora of this authentic natural paradise.

During the walk in the jungle, you will also discover a large variety of trees and medicinal plants.
The guides will be delighted to teach you all about this environment with professionalism and a very particular enthusiasm.

Corto Maltes Amazonia has 22 bungalows made of exotic wood with all the needed comfort: private bathroom with permanent hot water, electricity, excellent bedding (1 double bed and 1 single bed), as well as a very pleasant deck with two hammocks from where you can admire the fabulous sunsets.
Common area: Spacious restaurant, large and pleasant deck, bar, shop, all of them overlooking the river and the garden.

Kitchen: Prepared by a French cook who combines refinement and imagination with local products. Very special attention is given to vegetarian customers.


Day 1
Reception at Padre Almirez International airport where your professional guide will wait for you and he will accompany you throughout your stay. From the airport we will go to our office to obtain the official waterway permits (you can also leave luggage that you wont need during your stay). Meanwhile you can visit the towns main square and also take some photos of the beautiful scenery overlooking the confluence of the rivers Madre de Dios and Tambopata from Grau square.

Embarkation will be at Capitania Port, the destination being our lodge. We will navigate approximately 40 minutes on the Madre de Dios River in a typical Amazonian boat.

We will arrive at the Corto Maltes Amazonia Lodge where we will have a welcome cocktail. Afterwards you will be handed over the keys to your bungalow and we will have lunch. The kitchen of our Lodge stands out due to the beautiful presentation and the exquisite tastes of the dishes prepared by our French chef.

After that you will have some free time to get comfortable in your bungalow, or take a refreshing dip in our pool.
3:30 pm and time for the first contact with the jungle. On this trek you will see a large variety of tropical trees, medicinal plants, insects, butterflies and other animals. Upon return we will make a small stop at a lookout. Here you can observe toucans, macaws and other species of birds upon your return for sunset. (Duration: between 2,5 and 3 hours)

Returning to the lodge you can take a refreshing dip in the pool or have an exotic cocktail on our terrace-bar. You can also watch the sunset in the relaxing, tranquility of palm and mango trees at our port.

7 pm: Before dinner we will go on a nightly boat trip, a little safari trying to spot the white caiman (caiman crocodilus) that lives on the river banks.

8 pm: After a delicious dinner, those who wish can have some small talk in our reclining seats or have some fun and make friends with other travelers in the bar. Another option is to take a bath in the pool (with bar) under the shining Amazon sky and marvel at the Cross of the South.

Day 2
At 5:30 am we will go on a trek of about 20 min. until we arrive at the parrot clay-lick. Here are a minimum of five different species feed on special clay, vital to their metabolism. Its a truly marvelous, multicolored spectacle.
8 am: Breakfast and free time to explore the splendid gardens of Corto Maltes Amazonia. We have dozens of varieties of exotic plants and flowering trees.

10:30 am: Again we will navigate the Madre de Dios River. This time on an expedition bound for Monkey Island where some species of interesting and entertaining animals live in the wild. Following another boat ride of 30 min. we will enter the territory of the Tambopata-Candamo National Reserve. We will trek 5 km. through the dense vegetation of the tropical rainforest. Giant trees, snakes, monkeys, birds and sometimes even the allusive jaguar can be observed here.

Our destination is heavenly Sandoval Lake. Its privileged settings are shared by numerous species of animals: Birds (in particular Hoatzins, Kingfisher, and Cormorants) and different species of monkeys (Squirrel monkeys, Howler monkeys, Capuchin monkeys). At the lake itself we can enjoy the spectacle of Giant River Otters. Black Caimans and Piranhas (sometimes we can even observe anacondas in the areas covered by reeds). This is also the habitat of the giant Arapaima, a fish of more than 2,5 m., weight about +200kg. Traveling by canoe, the sunset on the lake is a spectacular unforgettable sight. On our return to the river we might be able to spot some nocturnal animals.
8 pm: The body demands rest and food after an active day in the jungle. You will enjoy the exotic tastes of our meals, especially our desserts. If you still have energy left you can share moments of music and conversation in the bar while having a cocktail or enjoy the sounds of the rainforest surrounding you from your hammock.
After a long day full of activity you will enjoy the comfort of you bungalows hammocks. You can also recover with a massage by the lodges qualified masseurs.

Day 3
8 am: Breakfast and free time to have a bath in the pool or maybe buy some exclusive Amazon handicrafts and jewelers in our shop.

10 am: We will follow the course of the river for approximately 1,5 hours in order to visit a native community. Occasionally we can see monkeys, river turtles, caimans and various birds in the dense vegetation of the riverbanks. We will also see some medicinal plants. (Sangre de Grado, Oje, Capirona)

The Project for the Rescue of Cultural Values supports the local native community Palma Real. It is the biggest with approximately 200 families of the Eseeja tribe.

This project, located at Gamitada island works together with two families that will introduce us to the cultural values of their ancestors, their language, their customs, their garments and their dances. In an era where globalization rapidly changes traditional societies and this is a great opportunity to have direct contact with this tribe of ancient warriors and hunters. There is also an opportunity to support them economically by purchasing some of their handmade products.

1 pm: Circumnavigating the Gamatida Island we can occasionally see animals escaping the presence of humans. Afterwards we will visit a chakra (local term for farm). We will get to know a variety of tropical fruits and other local products (Cocoa, bananas, caf, cocona). Here we will also have lunch consisting of a typical Amazon dish.
The chacarero (farmer) will also let us taste some of the fruits that will later be taken to the city of Puerto Maldonado for consumption.

Upon return to the lodge you will surely enjoy a bath in our swimming pool; maybe with a cocktail that might also serve as an aperitif for dinner.

8 pm: Dinner is served. After dinner you can retire to our bar to have some tropical cocktails, relax chit-chatting in our reclining seats at the central terrace or have a bath in the pool underneath the shining Amazon sky.

Day 4

Visit to Taricaya centre

8 am: Breakfast and free time.

10:30 am: Boat ride of approximately 90 min. to the Taricaya Biological Center (headquarters in the UK). This center can count on the collaboration of universities from around the globe who send volunteers helping to guard and reintroduce hurt or confiscated animals into their natural habitat. We will have sufficient time to see the animals and visit the facilities accompanied by a volunteer from the center.

The name of the center Taricaya€ goes back to a conservation project for the river turtles or tarikayas that collect and incubate their eggs and return the offspring back to the Madre de Dios River upon birth. (Unfortunately there is a black market who is responsible for adding this animal to the list of the species in danger of extinction)
There are lots of animals to be seen: Jaguars, various monkeys, tapirs, peccaries and exotic birds such as the Pale-Winged Trumpeter.

Hurt or sick animals captured on the black market or brought from the jungle are nursed and later on returned to their natural environment. The Centre has also constructed a Canopy Walk (Suspension bridge at a height of 42 m., and length of 90 m. (mainly for bird watching).

1 pm: Lunch, afterwards 30 min. of free time you might want to use to talk to the resident volunteers.

2:30 pm: 30 min. trek through primary rainforest to the Canopy Walk.

3 pm: After climbing the first tower of 14 m. we will ascend to a platform (height 42 m.) via the suspension bridge. Here we have an extraordinary panoramic view of the jungle. The trees seen from above, the sounds of the jungle emerging from underneath our feet and the overwhelming green for as far as the eye can see. Few times will you have the chance to experience the jungle in this unique way.

4 pm: Return to the boat. Throughout the journey back to Corto Maltes Amazonia you can look at the sunset showing off shades of gold, pink, yellow and green creating an almost magical atmosphere. Upon return to the lodge you can refresh yourself at the pool or relax in the hammocks. Alternatively a massage by the lodges qualified personel might just make your stay with us unforgettable.

8 pm: Every dinner is a chance to taste new dishes at Corto Maltes Amazonia. The imagination of our French chef will fascinate you with every dish and his desserts made of tropical fruits.

The night comes alive with animal sounds. You can enjoy this concert in our bar with a cocktail or maybe a cup of tea. The starry night sky is spectacular, especially in moonless nights when the jungle is even more mysterious.

Day 5
After breakfast its time to say goodbye to the setting and staff of Corto Maltes Amazonia. Your guide will accompany you on your way back to the city. We will pass by our office again to collect the left luggage. Following that we will visit the local market to show you agricultural products of the region; especially fruits of the Amazon. Afterwards our staff will accompany you to the airport wishing that your stay was as pleasant for you as it was for us to show you this beautiful corner of Peru.




  • Transfer from the airport to the Lodge and return to Puerto Maldonado Airport
  • Local cell phone
  • 24 hour support from company owner
  • Taxi to Corto Maltes office and river transportation on the Rio Madre de Dios to the lodge
  • Accommodation in bungalows on double accommodation with private bathroom
  • Meals at the lodge (vegetarian option)
  • Water and typical natural beverages of the garden
  • Excursions with expert Jungle biologist guides in English
  • Rubber boots (please bring rain gear)
  • Entrance fee to Sandoval Lake US$ 12.00
Not Included:
  • FLIGHT TICKETS or bus ticket (ask about bus tickets we can organise too)
  • We can also organise you flights or give quotes companies.(the cheapest at the moment)
  • Alcoholic and extra Drinks, Tips are Optional.
We recommend that you bring the following:
  • A day backpack (to carry personal items)
  • Long pants & long -sleaved cotton shirts (we recommend easy dry clothes)
  • Rain gear (poncho)
  • Sneakers or other low heeled walking shoes are essential
  • Hat / sun glasses, sunscreen
  • Insect repellent must be a number one in your list.
  • A water bottle
  • Good binoculars and a flashlight or headlight
  • Cameras with extra batteries.
  • Your passport, yellow fever certificate and extra money in plastic bags
  • If you have extra large sized feet we may not be able to find rubber boots in your size for the muddy trails as they are generally not available in please bring old shoes for the muddy trails.
What we need when you make a reservation:
  • Full name as it is written in your passport (please include a scan copy of your passport)
  • Passport number
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Departure date for the tour
  • Send a deposit of 60% of the total price of your tour. (The remainder of your balance will be due upon your arrival in Cusco.) Payment may be made via *Western UnionPayPalABN AMRO Bank in Holland or securely and directly through our website by choosing your desired tour and clicking on the BOOK NOW button.

Price US$ 450.00 per person
Price is based on two people.
Single passenger pay an extra cost of US$ 80.00

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Availabilities Depart Dates: totally booked until the end of October

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