Cusco is one of the most amazing cities in the world, surrounded by mystery hided in the heart of ancient stone walls that were part of palaces and temples. The enigmatic city Cusco hides mystery not only in the remained walls, but also in the design of the ancient city, the doorways to palaces, the narrow streets and the perfect union of the stonewalls. A unique city connected with the Andean world, the cosmos and other believes, a base of knowledge, high level of spirituality, medicine and arts.
Green Peru Adventures offers you a free walking tour through the city, with the idea of opening a door to discover the enigma that this city encloses.

Our manager dedicated part of his life to travel around the world looking for connections of the ancient world and Cusco. Surprisingly, he found similarity in the Granit construction with the most remarkable construction of the ancient world. Now Roland Leonardo is established in Cusco. He keeps his interest in this amazing city and his wish to share his knowledge with the people of the world. His multilingual competence enables him to give a different, close and logic explanation of the mystery of Cusco

Along the tour you will participate, collaborating with your opinion and ideas. This will bring you to another understanding of the Andean culture and ancient architecture. We will walk around the most important streets and places, where we will have closer appreciation of the architecture of the granite walls. As well as the kind of granite that has been used in the construction of buildings. Furthermore, we will discover the amazing work on stone and the perfections of their constructions.

This Walking Tour starts on the main Plaza de Armas with an explanation of the importance of this central place. We will walk by Loreto Street, one of the original streets of the ancient city, surrounded by both sides with amazing stone walls of granite. Next, we will arrive to one of the most amazing palaces and religious centers of the ancient and modern world. In Quechua (local language) this place is called Kiricancha, El Dorado in Spanish, Golden place.

Here we will have a close look at the temple of the Sun, one of the most perfect constructions in town and the mysterious way in which it was built. We will walk around and have a close look at the outside walls. Afterwards we will take a very narrow street and we will have a look inside to the construction bases of the buildings. We will be able to appreciate the way how the ancient urbanization used to be. Furthermore we will observe the walls from inside in Marruri Street and we will see the grade of inclination.

After passing Arequipa Street, we will discover a street corner and observe the way the wall was made. Then, arriving at Santa Catalina Ancha Street and taking to the right to the Inca Roca palace, we will discover the most impressive Green Granite wall. Here we will observe stones with 12, 13 and 15 angles, figures of animals shaped with few stones, one of the most beautiful doorways in Cusco and probably the scriptions of the ancient world.

During this tour you will receive an explanation of symbolism, architecture and history. Afterwards there will be an opportunity to discuss and interact, about what we have seen. We will do this in a beautiful coffee place, which contributes to different social projects.