Your heart might be yearning for a surreal tour experience to the classic city of Machu Picchu. However, the entire tour plan will require proper planning right from scratch. Ticking the right boxes and preparing the perfect checklist will be of paramount significance. It’s right here that you need expert assistance and professional support. Why […]

It’s vacation season, a period of pleasure, relaxation, and amusement. Are you the adventurous type? Are you looking out for new fascinating as well as educative places you can visit? Do you love a scenery that brings you closer to nature? If yes, I suggest you visit Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is a city in […]

Since 1983, Machu Picchu is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The wonderful village is situated in Peru, South America, where the Inca civilization built its sacred sanctuary in the 15th Century. Due to the massive Spanish Invasion, the city lasted for only 100 years and left behind the beautiful evidence of the […]

Peru is such a tourist destination that cannot be completed within 10 days but there is nothing we can do. The busy life schedule will not allow us to imbibe the rich historical and traditional culture of the world’s most recognized destinations in the country. If you have only 10 days to spare then below […]

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is perhaps the most popular route to reach Machu Picchu. There are other routes to Machu Picchu such as the Lares trek and Salkantay trek. For the Inca trail, you are required to book in advance, and only a limited amount of people is allowed to get in at […]

Machu Picchu has existed from ancient times and was recently ‘discovered’ in 1911 by an American historian, Hiram Bingham. While in search for the legendary Lost City of the Incas he stumbled across the site, covered with thick vegetation which was later cleared to reveal the magical mountain top archaeological site. By 1915, archaeologists were […]

What is famous about the Inca Trail? It is undoubtedly the most famous trek in whole of the South American continent. Throughout this trail, you will find an abundance of ruins and sceneries. It is a trek that comprises of a journey around forty-three kilometres with a starting point from a place called Kilometre 88. […]

The Salkantay trek offers enchanting sceneries and is the best alternative to the world famous Inca trail. The Inca trail is very popular and you have to book in advance, however, if you are traveling on a budget and you are not a fun of booking things over the internet then you will love the […]

Machu Picchu is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world, every year thousands of tourists visit the place. Over the years Peru has maintained this archaeological treasure and a UNESCO World Heritage site. There are different ways to get to Machu Picchu and it is up to the traveler to choose which one […]

Peru is the land of the Incas and their cultures and traditions go back hundreds of years. Then the Spaniards invaded and colonized the land and converted tribes to Christianity. Even then, all rites and religious festivals like Corpus Christi and Christmas celebrations have a distinctly regional flavor. When it comes to Christmas celebrations, it […]